Workshops with Claire and Jerigtu in Oklahoma – September 2017

Event Details

From: September 9, 2017

To: September 24, 2017

Below is the tentative schedule for Claire and Jerigtu’s stay in OKC.

September 9  – YiJinJing Tendon Strengthening Classic, Level 1

Location: TBA, OKC
Time: Sat 10am-5pm*
Cost: $120.- ($90 for students repeating YiJinJing Level 1)

YiJinJing is a Qigong form aimed at helping us prepare our physical body for longer periods of meditative practice, as well as helping counteract the negative side effects of our sedentary lifestyles. It was originally developed by Bodhi Dharma in the Mountains above the Shaolin Monastery in China to aid in the alignment of the spine, so that our energy can flow upward with greater ease. Yijinjing coordinates movement, breath and the heart and mind to awaken and unify all into one. It is known to quickly strengthen and energize the body. These workshops are an ideal beginning to the following Qigong classes.

September 10  – YiJinJing 2 Tendon Strengthening Classic, Level 2

Location: TBA, OKC
Time: Sun 10am-5pm*
Cost: $120.- ($90.- for students repeating YiJinJing Level 2)

September 15-17  – Zhong Yuan Qigong Level 1

Relaxing our physical body and building our energy body (activating the lower Dantian for self healing and self development)

Location: TBA
Time: Fri 7pm-9pm, Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 10am-5pm*
Cost: $200.- ($150.- for students repeating ZYQ level 1 taught by Claire & Jerigtu)

September 23-24 – Zhong Yuan Qigong Level 2

Integrating the relaxing the energy body AND quieting the mind (activating the middle Dantian, turning energy into power, strengthening the immune system and building the middle channel)

Location: TBA
Time: Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 10am-5pm*
Cost: $240.- ($190.- for students repeating ZYQ Level 2 taught by Claire & Jerigtu OR $200.- for new students who also take ZYQ level 1 on Sept 15-17, 2017)

*times are not concrete and are subject to change; workshop times will be solidified asap/before registration begins*

In addition to the workshops listed above, Claire and Jerigtu will also be offering healing appointments starting Monday, September 4th- approximately Friday, September 22. Appointments will be scheduled on a first come basis.

Scheduling for healing appointments and workshop registration  will begin Tuesday, August 1st.

Contact Kira Chatman at kchat10@gmail.com for any questions, as well as, to schedule/register.

About the teachers

Claire & Jerigtu Ashland

Claire GuYu Johnson grew up in Beijing and in the US in a family of tai chi, herbal medicine, acupuncture and qigong practitioners. Through her parents’ Qigong Association of America she met and studied with a number of masters, including ZY Qigong Grandmaster Xu Mingtang. In 1999 she traveled and studied with Xu Mingtang as he taught and practiced healing worldwide. She has practiced solitary meditations without food and water in Chinese and Tibetan caves. In 2000 she established America’s first ZY Qigong School and Healing Center in Seattle.

Jerigtu Borjigin, Mongolian healer, hails from the land where Shamanism originated and comes from a family of well-know Shamans, healers and Tibetan Buddhist Rinpoches. He is the sole successor of a rare Taoist lineage of Yi Jin Jing. Jerigtu has apprenticed with Taoist healers and studied with ZY Qigong Grandmaster Xu Mingtang.

Claire and Jerigtu met in Inner Mongolia, and they married in 2010. They teach and heal internationally.