Lyme disease

Interview with Daria (17) and her mother Elena – Kundawell, October 8, 2016.

We are now at Beijing Medical Research Institute Kundawell, talking to these two beautiful ladies. It’s hard to believe they are mother and daughter. Elena, can you please tell us how this happened to your daughter, what treatment she received and what were the results.

Elena: In 2013 Daria got bit by a tick and was diagnosed with Lyme disease. The treatment she was receiving did not have desired effect, and we were seeing that throughout a year. Daria was getting worse and worse. Nothing we tried worked.

Daria: I was taking a walk not far from my house. After coming come, in a few hours I felt something on my neck, close to the head. The tick probably fell off and that’s how I noticed it. We went to the hospital right away, where they gave me immunoglobulin – this works only on encephalitis, there’s no drug for Lyme, but we still did it just in case.

So, you did everything you could within an hour?

Daria: Yes.

Elena: That’s right. The antibiotic was prescribed and she started taking it right away, but practically within the 24 hours she got worse. The fever started and we went to the hospital again. Throughout the year we saw that any treatment Daria was receiving had no effect. Her condition became worse and worse.

In one year awful headaches began. Daria had difficulty writing, almost couldn’t use her right hand at all. There was also edema, issues with lymph nodes, panic attacks… Lyme disease is hard to diagnose and treat, the treatment is often ineffective – usually it’s just one round of antibiotics after another, so we’ve come to an impasse.

We started thinking what to do next. Then we heard about Kundawell Institute, where difficult cases are being treated with good results, suggesting that this is a place for us to get help.

After the first course of treatment in Kundawell we saw a tremendous improvement. Daria came back to normal. Headaches almost completely disappeared, the right hand function improved so that Daria was able to write and tie her shoes again. She could also deal with more physical and mental strain.

We came for the second course in October 2015, and the treatment then was focused on mending the damage to nervous system, restoring the nerve tissues. This is our third time at Kundawell, we’ve just finished the third treatment course. Daria feels well – look at her, a vibrant child. She has no edema, no lymph node inflammation, almost no headaches. She feels well, wants to be active, wants to do things.

So I want everyone to know that there is a place where people can get help, can get a result. That is an absolute truth, I stand by my every word.

Thank you.

2017 update: an open letter to Kundawell

As a result of an effective rehabilitation program at Kundawell Institute my daughter, Daria Golubovskaya, was able to conquer Lyme disease.

Now Daria feels well, has almost no headaches, she has regained her motor functions and is able to effectively handle physical and mental stress.

When we came to Kundawell for the first time, Daria had a very hard time climbing a set of stairs or walking down a hallway. In June 2017 she graduated from high school and went to university. Now Daria successfully combines her studies and work.

Allow me to express my deepest gratitude to professor Xu Mingtang, Flura Kuznetsova and other staff at Kundawell Institute for restoring my daughter’s health.

Elena Zapryagaeva, Daria’s mother.

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