Chinese Image Medicine

Image Medicine

A Type of Qigong Healing

Restoring Balance in the Recipient’s Body on all Levels

Image Medicine (also called Image Therapy) is a type of qigong healing where the practitioner utilizes energy to restore balance in the recipient’s body on all levels: physical, energy, and spiritual. Image Medicine is distinct from other types of qigong healing in a way that it works with images, the “blueprints” of energy and matter. Images are perceived with inner vision. By altering the image of a body part with his or her intention the practitioner brings positive changes to the recipient’s body.

Image Medicine comprises the methods of energy, informational, and physical balancing. Its main advantage is the holistic approach to the recipient’s well-being, where the physical body, energy and information are addressed all together. This very ancient healing modality was re-introduced to the modern world by ZY Qigong Grandmaster Mingtang Xu. He trains and certifies practitioners in China and around the globe.