Crohn’s disease

Mary Bush (USA)

Dear Mingtang.

Thank you for the extraordinary things you have done for my health and healing over the last decade. I know that many, many people with serious health issues can be helped by you and Image Medicine.
All the best to you – always.

Mary Bush.

Ms. Mary Bush first came to Kundawell in January 2008. She had several health issues, the most serious being Crohn’s disease – she was on a special diet and had to be very careful with what she eats. She also had circulatory problems (numbness in feet, leg and neck pain), low hemoglobin and unstable blood sugar levels (sugar could suddenly drop 2 hours after meal), osteoporosis. Mary first met Xu Mingtang in the US, had a few treatments with him and after noticing an improvement decided to continue treatment in Kundawell.

After her second visit to Kundawell her digestion was back to normal, she could eat what everybody eats. Blood sugar became stable, pain symptoms were gone. She felt energetic and looked younger – even her friends back home commented on that.

Since then she’s coming to Kundawell regularly for health maintenance and wellness programs.

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