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24 Feb 2016

A Visit With Image Medicine Founder Xu Mingtang

Originally published in Top China Magazine, this article introduces Xu Mingtang’s Image Medicine and his healing and research center in Beijing.

28 Feb 2018

Diagnosis and Healing of Energetic Diseases

Mingtang Xu introduces his system of healing, diagnosis and treatment, and also its context within the Taoist cosmological view. He discusses his 15-year ongoing research with treatment of cancer and the process of constantly refining his protocols. This includes inner sight and changes over healing sessions.

20 Apr 2017

Interview with Claire Johnson, founder of North American ZY Qigong Association

Claire Johnson founded ZY Qigong North America in May 2000, and served as President until June 2008, learning extensively from Grandmaster Mingtang Xu. Since then, Claire has gone on to become a master teacher in her own right, now teaching internationally alongside her husband, Mongolian healer Jerigtu Borjigin. She answers questions about her journey with ZYQ.

27 Oct 2018

Xu Mingtang’s speech at the First International Image Medicine conference in Moscow

Xu Mingtang talks about “image” – a key concept in CIM and Zhong Yuan Qigong practice.