28 Feb 2018

Diagnosis and Healing of Energetic Diseases

Mingtang Xu introduces his system of healing, diagnosis and treatment, and also its context within the Taoist cosmological view. He discusses his 15-year ongoing research with treatment of cancer and the process of constantly refining his protocols. This includes inner sight and changes over healing sessions. Article published in “Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine”, vol. 17 Read full article text

04 Sep 2017

Xu Mingtang’s speech at the First International Image Medicine conference in Moscow, 2011

Transcript, translated from Russian by Ekaterina Bespyatova Today I am going to talk about what image is, how it evolved and what it means for a Qigong practitioner. I know that you are Image Therapists, but you’re also Qigong practitioners. Any practitioner wants his or hers Qigong practice to be fruitful, and there is a correlation between images and the results of your practice. We know how to use images for healing in Image Medicine. How can we use images […]

20 Apr 2017

Interview with Claire Johnson, founder of North American ZY Qigong Association

Claire Johnson founded ZY Qi Gong North America in May 2000, and served as President until June 2008, learning extensively from Grandmaster Mingtang Xu. Since then, Claire has gone on to become a master teacher in her own right, now teaching internationally alongside her husband, Mongolian healer Jerigtu Borjigin. Interview by Janai Mestrovich, originally published September 2015 in New Consciousness Review (http://ncreview.com). Republished with permission. 20 Questions about ZY Qigong: Interview with Claire Johnson   Please define what ZY Qigong is […]

24 Feb 2016

A Visit With Image Medicine Founder Xu Mingtang

A Modern-day Miracle in the Tradition of the Legendary Doctor Bian “Merely-Needs-to-See-to-Heal” Que Top China Magazine 2010.01.01 No. 01 Pages 80-82 Translation: Mattias Daly and Bryan McMahon With its commitment to researching the rules of the dynamics of life, the study of Image Medicine is a display of what happens when the life sciences are put to work within the framework of orthodox traditional Chinese medicine theory. Professor Xu Mingtang follows the rules of circulation in the human body. Through […]